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Monday, February 12, 2007

Solek, Styl Plus, D'Banj, Taio Cruz

Naija Video of the Day:

Fine Fine Baby--Mr Solek

Okay call me razz,but after you finish laffn at the guy's attempt to toast the video chick,you'll find urself singing along to the chorus..."foine foine baby,you know i just want ur number...".And the "video vixen" is simply stunning!


Picture of the Day:

Five years-old Nigerian,Amina holds up a sign during a rally in central Athens 2 days ago to stop racism,along with hundreds of demonstrators.

Exclusive 9ja music news:
Finally,Styl-plus have decided to release a video!!!The chosen single is "Imagine That" off their Expressions album...there's a hilarious dance sequence in the beginning,look out for that...and there's a cameo from Katung,the Big Brother Naija 2006 winner...coming to a screen near you soon..lol!!!Remember you read it here first...not that we are paying you or anything;-)!!!!

And yes oh,we have done it oh,I was wondering when they were going to do this...there's a yoruba version of "Irreplaceable"!!!My laptop is refusing to let me upload it but i promise you as soon as i get it to work,it's yours...it's d only version you'll ever want to listen to!;-)

D'banj with no glasses on...you can see his eyes and all...he looks so young but still mischievious...anyway you can check out the pictures on his new website which has to be the best 9ja artiste site iv bin on in ages here KOKOMASTER

New Inductee into the "Claimed Nigerian" Hall of Fame!


Taio (23) was born in London and he's of Nigerian and Brazilian descent.He is a singer, producer and songwriter-he has worked with and written tracks for Usher,Mya,Dallas Austin,Rich Harrison and Jazzie Pha amongst others.He wrote "Your Game" for Will Young and the single went multi platinum and won a Brit Award for Best British Single.He decided to release a track late last year,"I just wanna know" which was the urban breakout song in the U.K last year...I'm a big fan of the song,the video is ur usual run-of-the-mill R'n'B video but he's doing it definitely...cos he'z got Nigerian blood in him(I'm sure you were wondering wen i would start spoutn off that line...lol!)

Good on you Bwoi!

D Other Side of D World
Condoleeza Rice busts-a-rhyme!
Condoleeza Rice look-a-lyk rapping over Fergie's "Fergalicious"...Must see Tv!Watch out for Osama doing the "chicken noodle soup" dance on the moon!

It's Condilicious!

Throwback Picture
Obiageli Mulobe and Peter Bunor...The old-skl "Nollywood"!The Elizabeth Taylor and Robert Redford of Naija films...okay,somebody stop me!!!!

On a sidenote,whatever did we call the Nigerian Movie industry before the term "Nollywood" was coined???

Be Guud Ya'll!!!
Posted by Naija Vixen @ 8:02 AM


the best naija actor is Nkem Owoh, hands down.
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/12/2007
yaah I saw the elusive koko master's eyes. I can now die a happy woman. Anyway his wardrobe could be better in those pics!!
he actually luks beta w/o his glasses. im impressed cos i was thnkn it was goin 2 b d oda way round nd i agree wit d gurl above..his wardrobe cld b beta but i guess he cld get away wit it cos he's dbanj
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/12/2007
those solek people are major razz - so so disappointing! i only watched that vid for u know what, and you know what got a 7/10 ;)
By Blogger c0dec, at 2/12/2007
@Anon1---oh yeah,he brought us such gems as Osuofia in London!im sowwee!!!
@ConfusedNaijaGal---yeah i agree,did u scope d pink baby lace? im making it my desktop background;-)...i joke i joke!
@Anon2---yeah,every1 thinks he wuld look "lil-jon-wivout-glasses-weird" but he looks alryt...his wardrobe is in tune wiv Fela's cos u knw every1s toutn him as d "new Fela"
@Codec--u wuld not believe this, but i put dat vid up just for you!!!just cos of the vixen...and 7 outta 10...she will be so chuffed...i promise you loadsa vixens!
call me Razz tooo!..lol But i actually like Solek.. If you think that Video was Razz they have even remade it the orignal Video was Razzmatazz!!!... But on the real if u listen to Solek live with his keyboard and all trust me u'll be shaking ur lil thang he aint that bad... Ah na wow for D'banj oh! i must say i like his site quite original That pink Lace Shirt wetin be dat??..;) For real Vixen what was Nolywood called before??..anyhoo.. Nice one Vixen.. Laterz...xxx
By Anonymous AbujaBabe, at 2/13/2007
Oh Yea... Funny enough the 1st time i ever saw that Taio Cruz something inside me told me this boy nah Naija!!!...lol Aiight tune not only cos he's Naija but for London R&B Levels aint too bad...
By Anonymous AbujaBabe, at 2/13/2007
I took your poll for best naija actor and i voted 4 RMD but it was not easy o! It was gonna be either him or Chidi Mokeme, but RMD stole the vote.

Anyways... permit me to laugh please, but those people (Obiageli and Peter Bunor) look very funny on the red carpet..... and not in a good way o!
lol... they're a funny group mr. solek forsure... funny song(i think)... the girl in the video initially has a blank stare like she's bored that she's even there.. but she's a gorgeous girl... fantastic skin... taio is cute... and u can sort of see the naija in him..boring video tho.. lmao@ the condilicious... thats jokes.. luv it!lmao@elizabeth taylor of naija films... this rocks!
lol @ condilicious.

I couldn't read this post yesterday.....cos it disappeared...lol.

Have a fab week!
By Blogger Nilla, at 2/13/2007
omg love this post. hilarious! keep up the gud work;)
By Anonymous reen, at 2/14/2007
oh and the dude from uk looks like the cuter version of ne-yo lol
By Anonymous reen, at 2/15/2007
Okay, so I stop by your blog frequently for a dose of entertainment and all out laughter. You never fail, Ms. Vixen! That Solec song, well... Nigerian artists are trying so rather than criticising, I will simply wait for the next few songs they release.

As for Mr. Koko, I have never understood the frenzy around him, but I took the time to visit the site you recommended and the song that played, "Come into my room", was very good! Now, I only clicked the site because I liked the print on his outfit (in the picture you featured). I heard he has a demeaning song called Anaconda (according to 9ja Mommy). I am yet to hear it, but I hope it isn't as bad as some bloggers claim it is (re: demeaning quality). Anyway, take care and I'll go listen to Condlicious.

@Abujababe--thanx oh!i agree wiv u bout solek soundn okay live...maybe cos they play oda artistes songs.Taio(u just knw d real name is tayo...lol)is doing d damn thing,hope he finds commercial success.
@Vera--u r wicked oh;-)altho i agree,they sorta luuked confused on d red carpet.RMD is my best actor too!
@ONB--lol...u aint seen all solek's vids yet...funny!yeah d vid chick is pretty,def.Youtube is d very ish!
@Nilla--i worked out wat happened to d post...i mistakenly saved it as draft!...thanx!
@Reen--i agree wiv you...they could be brothers!uhm,they parents need to start 'fessing up!!!
@Solomonsydell--u r being diplomatic about solek...i lyk you!
And i promise you that d D'banj song is as bad as you hav heard...it's not on his current album tho...thanx for stoppin by,ur comment made me smile!
i left a comment on solek youtube video and...

mrsolek wrote:

> my video was shot 4 years ago,my friend only decided to put it on youtube.what do you mean by razz? i don't understand.Are you an artiste?Have you got our own videos?Any recommendations?do you make videos?can we see your work?

By Blogger c0dec, at 2/19/2007

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