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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Love: Twisted and Other kinds!

News From Round D WOrld:

A Nasa astronaut(Lisa Nowak) is facing prison after being charged with attempted kidnap.She donned a space nappy so she could drive 900 miles without a toilet break- to confront her love rival.She left Houston on Monday for Orlando to meet Ms Shipman as she stepped off a plane.As Ms Shipman approached her car,she told officers she had noticed someone following her.She says Nowak dressed in her disguise,tried to get into the car and asked for a lift.Ms Shipman refused but rolled down the car window when Nowak started crying and this was when Nowak sprayed a chemical into the car according to arrest documents.
The things pple do for love oh!

Valentine's Day Parties

Amplyfied Entertainment present their Val's Day parties in 3 cities on 2 different days.In Lagos & Washington on the 16th of Feb and Abuja on the 17th...more info coming ryt up!

On to Nottingham,The Nott ACS present their Val's bash "Evolution" on the 15th with DJ Bayo spinning the decks!

On the 17th,Raindance Festival host's the Valentine's Ball at SeOne,London.!5 hours of clubbing mayhem(for the die hards only-from 10pm-7am and THEN 7am-1pm!!!)For more info click RAINDANCE RAVE

Tickled Pink host the Cupids Venetian Ball on saturday the 17th..burlesque dancers...shuld be a blast!!!

And if you are into the unconventional,then you gotta luv this...bowling,laughing gas,dj's,fancy dress...essentially no "goo-goo" eyes...you can take that guy/gurl you only "lyk as a friend" and no-one's gonna read "meanings" into it!!!;-)

Word on the Street:

Fred Amata's and Ibinabo Fiberesima's "wedding" is not gonna happen according to his estranged wife Agatha,as she insists that she's married to Fred and not yet divorced.
Their marriage hit the rocks when it was alleged that they both cheated on each other.Ibinabo confirmed that they were dating but denied that they were getting married.Fred wasnt so forthcoming,choosing to keep mum on the whole issue....
Rumor,not us,rumor oh!

Video Of The Day
Femi Kuti's new video "Fight 2 Win"...luvly video,luvly voice singing backing vocals...everyone's going mellow...whatz not to lyk bout the video?;-)Enjoy!

Posted by Naija Vixen @ 10:03 AM


I love love love Femi Kuti's "Fight to Win" Album.

Emmm...the video wasn't complete oh!...lol
Thanx for it
The lovely voice you like is Jaguar Wright.

Have a wonderful day Missy!
By Blogger Nilla, at 2/07/2007
It's weird cause I was looking for this video and Beng Beng Beng last weekend but I could not find it.
I really like Femi's Music, I am still trying to find his first album which has the song Wonder.
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/07/2007
Hiya The Video might be new but the song is as old as 2002 The Lady singing backing Vocals Is Jaguar Wright... Where abouts Is this Amplified Party Gonna Be in Abuja? Keep up the Good work Vixen...:)
By Anonymous AbujaBabe, at 2/07/2007
WOWOWEEWA naija vixen always representing :o)

By Blogger Mona, at 2/08/2007
I love Amplifyd! Thanks for the heads up. I did not even know they would be in my neck of the woods. And also thanks for the rumour break I did not even know that Fred and Agatha are not together anymore. Don't they have kids? That is a real shame. Anyway, sha keep us posted.
good job as always from my favorite blogger Wink wink

you no i was beefing amplyfied last year but i have changed for 2007!!

anyway sent you a mail but incase of incasities my email addy is ashediva@yahoo.com
By Blogger omo naija, at 2/08/2007
@Nilla--thanx for the singer's name..bin tryn 2 find out for yonks!as 4 d short vid,blame youtube oh!have a guud day 2!
@Anon--thank you,Femi is sure holdn his own in a talented family,he had a show in london last year dat was sold out within a matter of days...and 70% of d attendees were non-naija.
@Abujababe--gurl thanx,i knew d song was old,but not dat old!the vid got me tho,so just had to put it up,i'll let you know bout the amplifyd party venue in Abuja by 2mow!
@Mona--i'm stealing that term,nd ur post was the bomb!;-)
@Simply Gorgeous--no problem,wuld let you d venue ASAP...fred and agata hav got 2 kids 2geda...damn shame,we'll hav 2 wait 2 see how this plays out
@OmoNaija--okay,i'll get on the job ryt away...hope u enjoy the songs...and ur addy...hin get story behind d name???;-)
The things people do for love indeed. The funny thing in this episode is that Lisa is maried and herhusband also works at NASA. He sure will be one very embarrassed husband right now.
@CalabarGal--i feel you oh...if only she was nigerian...!!!her eyes will see pepper!!!

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