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Monday, February 19, 2007

Its all about the Pictures....

Hey wots up guys?How was ur weekend...anyways get ready to feast ur eyes on pictures from all the Valentine Day Parties we told u about...ryt after this piece of news;-)

Music News:
American diva Diana Ross is going on her first trip to Nigeria to headline the 12th Annual THISDAY Awards for Excellence and Governance and Singing sensation Lemar Obika will be joing her to perform at the awards which is billed for Saturday the 24th of February.They would both be complementing the star lecture to be delivered by former President of Mexico,Vicente Fox. Fox who has confirmed his participation as guest speaker at the Award ceremonies will speak on "Managing Business in Transition".

The Cupid Ball with Tunde and Wumi Obe(TWO) :

Tunde n Wumi Obe(cute cute)

Very cute dress!!!

The Lingerie Show:

Some of the guests:


The Performers: 112, D'banj,Kenny Latimore,Chante Moore, Donnell Jones n Asa!

The Couples:

Obaro Ibru and Hirut(Wife...no hope for you gurls oh!Thanks Kpakpando

And d rest:

Valentine's Nite @ Nightshift Coliseum
Random cute couple:

Red was obviously d colour of the night:

Okey Bakassi:



Soul E rawkin his new look...

I'v gt mad luv 4 Basket Mouth; he's funny as hell!

No more loss...

Party people!!

ALL Pictures courtesy of purefotos..Thanx!

Hav a gud week!!!!

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Posted by Naija Vixen @ 7:56 AM


Yay First!

My weekend was fine...don't want it to end (just being lazy).

The lingerie....no comments.
By Blogger Nilla, at 2/19/2007
My weekend was Crazy.. gonna tell ya'll about it.
Naija dey real celebrate vals ooh! looks like they had fun bwoy ..@ Nilla I feel you about the Lingerie no comment for real..
All i can say is Obaro Ibru Damn!!! the guy can dresseeee see trouser kai see shirt Chai Hmmm i'm a sucker for a well dressed man...
By Blogger AbujaBabe, at 2/19/2007
love ur blog
nice post
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/19/2007
nice post vixen! wa she re!

hmm! kokolette in tha house!! damn! d'banj's skinny ass is foine as heck... mmm but for real he needs to be ehem... covered up a little. waay to skinny to be doing that.

were these events like a big deal, red carpet event, if yes (or no) y oh y are some of the women wearing flipflops/sandals?! so wrong! i mean seriously?!

~d'banj is the new 2face!!~
By Anonymous mrs. d'banj, at 2/19/2007
Nice pics fro purephoto and nice update
where is the lingerie? I mean I saw a slip, clam diggers and bra and pant?

Abeg don't give false hope to people, Hirut is Obaro's wife not just date. They're still cute together.

d'banj reminds me of a tout. I still like am sha
By Blogger Kpakpando, at 2/19/2007
Dang... the original diva Diana ross!!!that'd just be the shit!!! i rmember watching the charly boy show with wunmi's jamaican accent.. she was hilarious!!! and she and her husband singing to each other on their wedding.... gorgeous!! i love the second dress... very sexy.. lol.. which kind lingerie be that? capri pants?!?!and the other one looks like a bathing suit... does anyone actually wear that to sleep??!chante looked gorgeous as hell!!!dang..we got some great skinned naija girls sha... dressing sexy as hell too.. wow.. i'm really impressed
great writeup by the way naijavixen
d lingerie show looks a HOT ASS MESS!!!...d rest of d pictures were ok tho...and as 4 d polls(LMAO) damn..who says chidi mokeme or hell, pat attah acts beta dan ramsey nouah(now, dats just totally bogus)
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/19/2007
General Comment:I believe the "Lingerie" is non existent;-)But the organizers named that session at the show...so bear with them!;-)
@Nilla--I know that feeling bout d wknd,altho this is d first Monday im "feeling"...for a very long tym...thanx!
@AbujaBabe--how pple can party wiv d best of them...any excuse for a party oh!!!;-)and Obaro sure is stylish!
@Anon--Thank you!
@Mrs D'banj--wow,may u and the kokomaster's luvv LAST;-)he needs to bulk up seriously...feed him oh;-)they were serious events o... but you wuldnt think so with the way pple turned up all "very casual"
@Tminx--Thank you!
@Kpakpando--thanx for the "wifey" update...she's very beautiful and D'banj...new tag..."Lovable tout"...sounds cute!Thanx!
@ONB--Diana's performance wuld be so boom...want to see if she dons her wig and pant suit;-)Chante is still stunning,she and Kenny look so gorgeous!Thanx!
@Anon2--Thanx for stopping by..and just ignore the lingerie pics...the designer needs to redesign her ish!and the poll results were based on the votes on this page not elsewhere...and consider the fact that Chidi was mainly picked cos of his fineness;-)
it's so not fair! Diana ross and lemar performing in naija and I'm not there..why oh why?
Nyways I trust you to give us all the info and pix on the event
By Blogger tiwalade, at 2/19/2007
Na only Obaro I see oh! He sure is HOT!! Lovely pictures and blog girl!!
I love the pictures. OMG- where can I get the name and number for the lingerie picture of the last model. OMG - I almost fell off my chair. But please... don't let the word get out I don't want to get in trouble o... DHL it to me we can keep it on the DL( smile).
love ur blog.. btw.. wunmi obe sure FED tunde obe well.. WTF? he is massive!!
By Blogger bimbylads, at 2/20/2007
I'm not feeling that Obaro and Hirut fling o...lol...ahn ahn...dude is too HOT! That ain't right! What kind of name is "Hirut" sef? (lol, talking out of spite).
By Blogger Jaycee, at 2/21/2007

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