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Thursday, January 04, 2007


First in the series of Nigerians making a difference in the Film Industry, we are starting wiv the women...no reason for this oh,no be fyt abeg!...anyway,read on and see if you agree...look out for the concluding post about Men in Film doing big things..if there's anyone who should have been in the post,drop a line and we'll update it...


New-York based Nigerian-American Writer/Producer/Actor, Adetoro Makinde!(Yes, we are claiming a star again,and no NAS is not Nigerian!)She's done it all--the acting, the producing, the writing...wont be too surprised if we find out she sings as well...She's most definitely got the looks!!! She's starred in several films,most of them indie,like "In Time","She Spies","For Charity's Sake" which she wrote herself amongst others and produced/co-produced "In Time","3 Minutes","Inspired By.." amongst others. HBO featured "in Time" for a while when it got released. Here are a few pictures of Adetoro in action...Have fun!


She is one of the foremost movie directors in Nigeria today. One of the few contemporary film makers who have had their films on celluloid. Amaka's celluloid film is A Barber's wisdom - a film which is part of M-Net's new direction on film project with Nigerian producers. Her films have drawn international recognition to the home video industry. She is producer of the award winning movie Forever,the long standing soap opera Checkmate and "Solitaire" which features a stellar cast like Iretola Doyle,RMD,Teju,Omotola Ekeinde,Keppy Ekpeyong Bassey.... A prolific writer and movie director. We salute you!


The prolific(i always wanted to use that word!)writer-cum-producer also acts but you wont see her involved in just any film...she makes a film lyk only once a year,but when she does...you better recognise,cos it's always a well made film!Nicknamed EGO by friends and fans alike, she remains one of the very few Nigerian celebs who are serious about their jobs and havent been blighted by any scandal.She's based in Lagos but travels across the globe to get work done.She can be contacted by email egoboyo@hotmail.com(and no that isnt made up;-))She schooled in University of Benin, directs and produces her own films as a hobby(her words!)She's most known for her roles in Violated,Forever,To Live Again,Checkmate and the screen plays Medea,Tartuffe.


Nigerian California based lawyer Ms Mildred Okwo is a new force to be reckoned with now in the Film industry since the success of "30 days the movie".She decided to cast Genevieve Nnaji in the film of which she was the Executive producer and has not regretted it since.Okwo is coincidentally Genevieve's manager and attorney (uhmmnnn...). The movie which hit the screens earlier this year was a collaborative effort between Temple Productions owned by Ego Boyo and a US-based film productions company managed by Mildred Okwo who trained as an actress at the University of Benin before she proceeded to the United States where she read a second degree in Law.

Music Videos

Okay I know this isnt Nigerian,but it's for the non-9ja peeps who said they dont see the "20% non-9ja news"!;-)..but anyway,everyone would luvv this video,the lady is beautiful,the dancing is WOAH,luvvn the car changes...we have no idea what they are saying...BUT WE LUVV IT!!!

NOW check out a 9JA gurl dancing to the same song,Abeg she win all the awards oh!Proper booty clapping and all,my back was hurting at the end of the song(as if it was me dancing..lol)Watch it yourselves oh,seeing is believing!


NA WETIN Kingsley,Segun,Ramsey,Angelica
This video is fire!or maybe it's just me,and i know i shuld be showing you new videos but what the hell,we all need a lil comedy in our lives!!!Stars featured on this "choon" are Kingsley Ogoro,Angelica,Ramsey Nouah and Segun Arinze...singing to self...'na wetin you dey use dey cook?walaitalai'!!!

woah,have a guud day ya'll!!


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 1:33 PM


In the days of checkmate, I used to think Ego Boyo was very pretty (she still is though).
If most actors/producers were like her, we wont be having the crap we call movies in Naija..[I still watch naija movie sha :-)]
..We really need to work on the quality of most Nigerian movies.

Will check out the videos later..
By Blogger Nilla, at 1/04/2007

all i can say is, that nija girl really took that dancing seriously! it was like a workout!
Hey nice post as ever!....

Hey we need to talk oh, where's my picture by the side of ur blog yet? Dont u know I am a celebrity as well.. LOL
By Blogger Naijadude, at 1/05/2007
Sup mi friend, where did you get all this one from o? You don come again eh 2007. lol. How's ur New Year going? Stay blessed girl.
@nilla; only if oh, only if they were about quality dan quantity...
@chainreader:d girl can dance n whine, its nt even funny...serious stuvvs!!!
@naijadude: in a min...ur pic will b up dere...4real oh!!!
@yankeenaijachick:nu yr is goin gud actually!!
thnx yall
if nas in not naija y is his father's name olu?
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/10/2007

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