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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Awww,i love Paul Play, i think he's got this smoothness about him when he sings, he's just calm....and he's hella talented,he even produced some of the songs on Omotola's album, which were really good minus the voice...lol(that album is nt that bad, pple are just exxagerating, maybe its cos i like ha sha..who m i kiddin?)..Anyways, since RJ requested the audio, i just decided to put up the video as well....apparently this video is like the most expensive video to come out of Nigeria....its one of the best i'v seen

Download Audio- FOREVER
(you need to get the album,its worth it)

Nigerians Out and About: Open Mic Event

...Yeah,you "read" right...open mic event?kinda wish i was there just to witness the dancing and the croaking..sorry,i meant singing;-)From the pictures tho,you can see everyone seems to be having a blast!!!


Posted by Naija Vixen @ 1:00 PM


paul play is d man
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/07/2006
Hey! Thanks alot, 'ppreciate it. You have no idea how much you've made my day....XOXOXO
Where do I get the album from (in the US)?
By Blogger RJ, at 12/08/2006
Anon:Dami has the biggest crush on him;-)

Rj: Im not really sure where you can get the album in the states...try Ebay,u neva knw;-)...but i'll 2 find out for you!

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