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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Salu bata.....

Abia state has started on the arrangemnets of making it possible for shoes and leather products manufactures in Aba to be exported to other african countries.

“ I was in Doala, Cameroum and did a market survey where I found out that most of the shoes sold there are from Aba. When I went to Lome, Togo and Conakry, Guinea, the situation was the same. On my return, I tried to work with the manufacturers to see a way they can export their products through the right channel so that nobody can just come into Aba and carry the products to those countries.

In fact, I wanted them to open showroom in those countries to serve as contact points so that those interested in buying could make their orders from there. Unfortunately, they wanted government to pay for them, not realizing that it is their own business. It was then that I knew that they were not interested in expanding their businesses......by the special assistant of foreign affairs of abia state

At a stage, I even arranged with the ambassador of Tunisia for some of the manufacturers to be taken to that country for exposure. because Tunisia is the third largest exporter of leader wears to the European Union. Part of the arrangement was that they could even finance the building of a factory there to bring their products close to the European market.”

this is actually good, i remember we i was little i use to call dem shoes 'salu bata'.. or aba made shoes. at least we are starting from somewhere even though its within africa now, we might be exporting them sandals far above africa....can u remember dem sandals jay z was rocking some time this year...lol,may be he can come bk 2 Nigeria to come export them or purchase more..seriously tho...its funny because there are talents in Nigeria, esp Aba, 4 example they actually do manufacture clothes, even tho dey look nice then u will have a bold print stating 'TONNY HINFINGER' seriously, we need to start investing!!!!..
Posted by Naija Vixen @ 1:52 PM


OK i find it incredible dt no one has commented... for someone like me who needs to know whats happen and more often that not.. needs to hear it through pple... i'm sooo grateful... keep on keeping on!!
By Anonymous Tengi, at 12/18/2006

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