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Monday, November 06, 2006

P Square, Tuface

To kick off the new site, this is one of my fav naija duo; p-square since im really in2 dancing and they do dier damn thing in dem videos...i love it, though there is absolutely no dancing in this video, its my fav song off the get squared album... though i was expectin a totally diff concept 4 d video, kinda like in the club with sum chic....but overall this is an alryt vid, it was shot in the uk....lov d original tho, some of the lyrics of that rap is just 'no no' bt paul n peter looking fresher than eva...brapp brapp!

tuface is back as well with his new video...'NO SHAKING'. props to him 4 still doin his thing.some pple are really feeling this song, personally its a typical 2face song,so i kinda like it but the video is just flat out... i think they clda done betta with the video, it was shot in cali tho,but def nt the best.

Posted by Naija Vixen @ 7:02 PM


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